How Do I Refill??? ♻️♻️♻️

Refill is now available at Winning Likes. What is this is, is the ability to order again but this time for FREE.

Any service with this " ♻️" emoji means the service is eligible for Refills. Any service that doesn't have this symbol is not eligible for a refill. You can find refillable services mainly under the Followers tabs. 

How to use Refill:

In order to use the Refill you first must wait the time until you are aloud to refill. For example this service here, you can refill after 30 days: Instagram Followers [Refill: 30 Days] [Max: 12k] [Speed: 12k/Day] ♻️

After 30 days, go to the "Order History" tab, search your completed orders, and you will find a square button that says "Refill". 

Once you do this your refill should be in progress!