How To Know Which Services Work? ✅✅✅

Since the new update, we've added tons of new services. Before using any service, make sure you test it with a small quantity before placing a larger order. 

To do this, order the minimum order (smallest amount possible) and see if it goes through. If it works, you'll then know that you can use that service from now on. This will be helpful because now you'll understand how long each service takes to deliver. 

Here's a general rule for all services:

Views = 1-5 minuet start time

Likes = 1-20 minuet start time

Follower = 5-120 start time 

As time goes by, we will add this " 🥇" symbol to services that are verified working by other uses. As time goes by, you'll see more and more of these " 🥇" emojis.