What Is Drip Feed??? 💧💧💧

Drip Feed gives you the ability to slowing order the services rather than ordering it all at once. If you want the service to come in as fast as possible, don't use drip feed. But if you want a nice steady organic look, then Drip Feed is for you!

Any service is this "💧" emoji means that you are able to use Drip Feed.

Here's how to use it...

1. Type in the quantity like you normally would. This will be large you want each order to be. I recommend making the number as small as you can. 

2. Select the "drip feed" check box. Now two more boxes will appear allowing you to input your Drip Feed settings.

3. Enter how many "Runs" you want. Runs means how many times you want to order your the "quantity" you already entered.

For example: You have 100 as your quantity

If you enter 5 runs then you will be ordering 500. Meaning you will be ordering the service 5 times. 

4. Enter your "Interval". Here you will enter how often you want to order the quality you entered.

For example: You put 200 as your Interval. 

This means Winning Likes will place the order for you every 200 minuets. It will continue placing the order until your total amount you ordered is reached.