Explaining What Everything Means 🤔🤔🤔

Sometimes It can get confusing what things mean on Winning Likes. We understand it's pretty complex which is why we made a guide/key to teach you everything.


💧= Drip Feed -- A slowly order the service over time instead of ordering all at once. 

♻️= Refill -- If your followers/likes drop, you can order more for free

⛔️= Cancel -- If the service has this emoji, you can cancel your order. Otherwise you can't.

🥇= Popular Service -- If you see this emoji, many people use this service. It doesn't mean ones with out it don't work, it just means they are not as popular 


Refill or R30 -- This means you can refill but only if you see this ---> ♻️

Max -- This is the max amount you can order from this service. Don't go over this amount using the same link. It won't work!

Min -- Minimum order you can place

Speed or 2k/Day -- This means this is how fast your order will come in. In this example, you will gain 2,000 per day. 

INSTANT -- This means once the order goes through, this is how long it will take for the order to be completed. Meaning everything you ordered will be delivered at once. 

Start Time -- This is the time from when you place your order to the time it starts working. Start times are often longer than listed so be ready for a longer wait sometimes. 

HQ -- High Quality Accounts

WW -- Accounts are are a mix from all over the world 

PP -- Means the accounts have profile pictures

Drop Rate -- What percentage is likely to drop off (disappear) 

Order Status Meaning:

Pending -- The order hasn't began yet and is still processing through Winning Likes

In Progress -- The order has been received by Winning Likes and is now processing. You must wait at this point and there isn't anything you can do. 

Completed -- The order has been counted as fully finished. You should of received everything you paid for. 

Partial -- There was a problem somewhere in the process. You are charged for what was completed and automatically refunded for what wasn't delivered. 

Processing -- Your order has been confirmed through Winning Likes but is waiting for another confirmation from our partners. Once our partners accept your order, it will go to "In Progress".

Canceled -- If an order says canceled this means there was a problem with your order. You may have put the wrong link in. You are automatically refunded by the system.